Seeds Consulting is an Engineering Consultancy focused on environment, sustainability, waste management, and energy. Founded by Lighea Speziale and Lorenzo Ceccherini, it takes its roots from the international experience of the team, as well as from a deep knowledge of European regulations. 

Our international scope and our understanding of today’s context from a regulatory, economic, social and environmental point of view, allows us to offer highly qualified consulting

We build sustainable solutions, paying key attention to micro and macro-geographic factors, as well as to any operational or strategic challenge ahead. A synergic and multidisciplinary approach, together with the broad industry know-how gained through the years, makes the final blend.

Lighea Speziale

As an Environmental Engineer, Lighea’s expertise focuses on circular economy, emissions monitoring, life-cycle analysis and in general European environmental legislation

Throughout her years in Brussels, she was the point of contact between institutions and the Member States, thus enhancing her experience in interacting with public and private organisations on a national and European scale.

On multiple occasions, her strong analytical skills of political and social dynamics have allowed her to identify priorities and partners in order to build successful strategies for clients. 

She deals with projects linked to circular economy (Recycling targets, EU Sustainable Finance, Taxonomy and Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability and European Plastics Strategy), European Plastics Strategy and evaluating the role of new technologies (e.g. chemical recycling).

She assists our clients daily on implementation of BAT Conclusions, thanks to her direct involvement in the review of Best Available Techniques for different industries (e.g. waste incineration).

Lorenzo Ceccherini

As a Mechanical Engineer, Lorenzo has worked for years as a consultant on European Union policy concerning energy, environment and waste

He coordinates and takes part in technical working groups alongside several European experts, in order to translate data and information into concrete projects for clients. Thanks to the development of dedicated algorithms, he also elaborates targeted analysis built to foster effective and informed decision-making.

He deals with the evaluation of sustainability criteria linked to the Renewable Energies Directive (RED II) and the revision of the EU Regulations on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP) for waste. His expertise allows him to identify opportunities emerging from the EU Green Deal  like the strategies on methane, hydrogen and energy sector integration.

He has taken part in the technical revision of the reference documents on Waste Incineration  with key focus on energy efficiency standards. Thus, he is in charge of supervising its implementation for our clients.