Why choose Seeds Consulting

Seeds Consulting offers a high standard of analytical and technical skills, backed by direct experience with EU institutions in all aspects related to environment, energy and sustainability

As Engineers and Consultants, we combine our specialised knowledge in environmental and energy topics with a great degree of multidisciplinarity, a network of contacts extended to all European institutions, and outstanding analysing skills to customise our services.

That’s why we can meet your requests with efficient and targeted strategies, accurately built around your needs, as well as around existing regulations. Our mission is to ensure full compliance for your organisation and effective solutions, constantly updated against the regulatory framework.

Find out what we can help you with.

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If you are a company, making sure that you achieve the highest standards of productivity whilst respecting legal requirements and anticipating policy demands is a challenging but necessary task. Seeds Consulting will assist you to evaluate your performance, in order to ensure the correct implementation of legal obligations and to anticipate future legislative demands. 

  • Compliance assessment for:
  1. BAT Conclusions and IED based Environmental Permitting (e.g. on energy efficiency, emission levels, OTNOC management plans);
  2. Sustainability criteria from the Renewable Energy Directive;
  3. Taxonomy Regulation’s environmental objectives;
  • Strategic planning for undergoing activities, with particular attention to future priorities. Any market trends and updates in the national and international policies will be taken into account, such as:
  1. European Green Deal;
  2. EU Sustainable finance;
  3. EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability;
  • Support and subsequent monitoring to request subsidies and EU funds such as:
  1. Capacity Market Mechanism;
  2. Horizon 2020;
  3. LIFE programme.
Seeds for you


As a national or local public entity, you are in charge of implementing and enforcing EU law. These two aspects are often burdensome and require dedicated skills and effort. Relying on our Environmental and Energy Consultancy guarantees that implementation and monitoring objectives are achieved with maximum care and consistency with both the EU principles and local constraints.

  • Compliance assessment:
  1. BAT Conclusions and IED based Environmental Permitting (e.g. on energy efficiency, emission levels, OTNOC management plans);
  2. Sustainability criteria from the Renewable Energy Directive;
  • Support with monitoring and reporting of data required by EU law (e.g. contribution to targets on metal recycling from bottom ash, packaging waste, etc.).
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Have your voice heard. Get qualified and technical support for your advocacy goals. Seeds Consulting stands by your side when engaging with national and international institutions: we will ensure a consistent and effective message, tailor-made to your environment, sustainability and energy objectives.

  • Planning and direct management of advocacy activities and engagement with global and EU institutions;
  • Technical support for:
  1. Reviewing sector-specific and horizontal BREFs (emissions, energy, efficiency, etc.);
  2. Specific reports meant to support industry needs during the drafting of new policies;
  • Optimised project management following a series of golden rules such as:
  1. Development of a comprehensive and viable plan, characterised by rigorous updates and deadlines;
  2. Clear identification of objectives, tasks and workload;
  3. Realistic and achievable deadlines;
  4. Support in managing the project and the stakeholders involved;
  5. Willingness and ability to adapt and change;
  6. Effective communication.
Seeds for you


If you are not based in Europe but you want to learn more about EU regulations and the benefit of services designed for your needs, Seeds Consulting can provide data, insights and information that will help you achieve your goals.

  • Tailor-made analysis of the European regulatory framework (e.g. in the field of BATs - Best Available Techniques, RED - Renewable Energy Directive, etc.);
  • Recommendations on the development of strategies for waste management and sustainable policies;
  • Specific courses and training.