Strategic planning and project management


Technical and policy support to engage with global, EU and national institutions


Energy & environmental data management and analysis


Tailor-made training and workshops


Dedicated assessment of compliance with current legislation

Strategic planning and project management


Now more than ever sustainable development, environment and energy are key factors in the public and private agenda, deeply influenced by European legislation. Getting support from professionals experienced with necessary dossiers and regulatory paths, is fundamental to ensure a successful role of your organisation in the current and future legal framework.

What we do

  • Analysis of existing EU regulatory frameworks and future developments, in order to build an effective business strategy, roadmaps and master plans;
  • Optimised project management following a series of golden rules such as:
  1. Development of a comprehensive and viable plan, characterised by rigorous updates and deadlines;
  2. Clear identification of objectives, tasks and workload;
  3. Realistic and achievable deadlines;
  4. Support in managing the project and the stakeholders involved;
  5. Willingness and ability to adapt and change;
  6. Effective communication.

Advocacy at EU Institutions

Have your voice heard

Relying on our Environmental and energy services, does not only mean receiving tailor-made information and data for your organisation, but also ensures your voice is heard within the governing bodies regulating the sector. Thanks to the years of experience, and to our position on the international scene, Seeds Consulting can provide you with support, planning, and management of advocacy activities on a national, European and global level.

What we do

  • Coordination and management of internal groups in order to improve the consistency and effectiveness of your message;
  • Active representation in working groups towards a variety of topics and stakeholders involved;
  • Drafting of reports and data management in order to strengthen any lobbying activity.

Energy & environmental data management and analysis


Analysing your environmental impact, identifying sustainable opportunities across your organisation, enhancing your performance, establishing substantial projections in order to build future actions: with our bespoke services, we can help you meet your objectives, structuring the best strategy for your business both in terms of efficiency and optimisation.

What we do

  • Business strategies based on environmental, energy and sustainability priorities; 
  • Tailor-made impact assessment (e.g. on new EU law for public and private sector);
  • Development of customised software in order to categorise, analyse and process data;
  • Data modelling, governance and quality management.

Training and workshops


When it comes to embracing change, each organisation requires custom time and methods in order to modify its values and goals, evolving towards sustainable practices and ensuring any team member receives the correct training. That's why we work by your side during the whole process, fostering a ‘culture for sustainability’ aware of green policies and standards in place.

What we do

  • Seminars and workshops built around the specific needs of each organisation and delivered face-to-face or remotely;
  • Learning experiences shaped around different topics such as Energy legislation and Best Available Techniques in the field of Environmental Permitting;
  • Consistent support delivered through a blend of remote deskwork, webinars and on-site visits.

Compliance with EU legislation

Regulatory framework

Seeds Consulting has a deep knowledge of  EU legislation related to energy and environment as well as its implementation by Member States. We offer consultancy services specialised in EU law for the public and private sector. We help organisations and public administrations understand and comply with existing legislation and plan ahead to be a successful actor in the future legal framework.

What we do

  • Assessing current legal framework and benchmark compliance against the established sectorial best practices;
  • Structuring programmes that satisfy regulatory requirements and evolving expectations;
  • Developing policies, procedures, and solutions that are both effective and efficient in the long term, enhancing strategic decision-making; 
  • Specific compliance training to ensure organisations are aware of present and new regulatory requirements.